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Why You Should Start Making Bone Broth

Fall and winter are nearly upon us and our bodies will be needing a little extra nourishment as we tackle common colds, flu season, and the winter blues. Bone broth as been used for centuries as a nutrient-dense elixir that’s rich in protein and minerals. Studies have recently shown the benefits of consuming this savory liquid, from reduced inflammation in the body to an elevated mood and the best part, it's super easy to make and pretty much fail proof.

Check out the list of benefits and an easy recipe listed below!

  • Bone broth is high in amino acids which boosts the immune system.

  • Fights inflammation, especially in the gut thanks to L-glutamine.

  • Gives you a glow from the inside out, improving skin elasticity, nail strength and hair health.

  • Strengthens bones and teeth courtesy of calcium, magnesium, vitamin D and protein.

  • Builds muscle strength and improves muscle repair after exercise.

  • Improves joint health and relieve joint pain, thanks to the rich supply of gelatine, glucosamine and collagen.

  • Clears respiratory pathways.

  • Nutrient-dense.

Simple Bone Broth Recipe

Bone Broth Recipe (How to Make Bone Broth) - The Forked Spoon
Download PDF • 924KB

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